What do we do?

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How do we work?

1/ Research

Everything starts with comprehensive research. It is important to understand the market, the industry, and your competitors.


2/ Design Thinking

Our designers are problem-solvers. We seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and provides a solution-based approach to solving the problems.


3/ Brainstorm and Ideate

By challenging the assumptions, we create new ideas by sketching and gathering data that may impact the design and solution.​

4/ Concept Develop

We will produce a few concepts to narrow down decision-making. The aim is to find out the best solution for problems and design.


5/ Revisions

After you have a better idea on the concept, we will revise and further develop the design. It is important to strike a balance between delivering a design you like and find effective based on the stated goals.

Design is where science and art break even.

Mieke Grritzen


We have rich experiences in helping start-ups and small businesses looking to transform. We provide a wide range of services with professional design and marketing knowledge. Most importantly, we understand your REAL needs. We're here to provide you with a kick-start or transitioning guidance and narrow down your broad ideas.