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The Client


Beyond Birth is a start-up ran by Registered Nurses and Midwives that provides one-stop in-house antenatal and postnatal care to new mothers and families in Hong Kong. Services include lactation consultancy, baby massage, traditional belly binding to help mothers restore figure after birth, online courses and, also 24/7 phone support for families with babies (0-12 months old). Beyond Birth provides not just maternity service but also mental and physical support to mothers and families. The Client wanted us to design a set of brand visuals that conveys – professionalism and legitimacy while being modern, friendly, and caring.

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Beyond Birth = Positive + Passion + Love

More than


The Logo and Brand Colors


Having “More than Maternity” as the motto of the company, we have designed a logo with a pregnant woman and a leaf extending out of the belly that fully conveys the business motto. The leaf symbolizes the growth of a baby, it represents fertility, hope and faith. The 3 major colors used in the logo are baby pink, baby yellow and baby green which creates a soft and friendly tone. The 3 colors also represents the three major services of Beyond Birth – lactation, baby massage and traditional belly binding.