A824 Brew House Co.

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The Client


A824 Brew House Co. is a Hong Kong-based coffee company found by several coffee enthusiasts who are passionate about quality brewed coffee. They were the first in Hong Kong to produce "Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee" (carbonated coffee). The brand is adventurous, stylish and trendiness which targets middle-class young white-collars. 

The Logo and Brand Colors


A824 Brew House Co. wants to convey a neutral and stylish image to their potential customers (target audience). It's signature sparkling cold brew coffee is marketed as a refreshing energy drink, targeting 25-40 years old modernist white-collars who seeks for a twist of flavour in Hong Kong, a place with an average of 24.5 degrees. Cold drink never downtrends!

The design of A824 Brew House Co. is bold and recognizable. In a combination of hand-drawn illustration emphasizes the hand-crafted coffee and personality of the drink. 

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